To offer visitors an optimized browsing experience and personalized services for their needs and interests this website uses cookies.

Cookies are important for delivering and facilitating to services users use on the internet.  Cookies are used in the following situations:

  • Personalizing preferential settings such as the language in which the website is visualized, the currency option for prices or other charges, details of the frequently bought products and memorizing those.
  • With the help of cookies website owners get feedback about the way their website is used and can improve it and make it more efficient, for the users.
  • Cookies make online advertising more efficient.
  • They help integrating multimedia apps or other kind of apps from a website to another , offering a more pleasant browsing experience.

What is a cookie?

A cookie (known also as a HTTP cookie, web cookie, internet cookie or a browser cookie) is a small piece of data placed on the user’s computer and on the web browser while they are surfing the internet.

According to their life spam, there are two types of cookies:

  • Session cookie – exists only as the users navigates the website
  • Persistent cookie – exists for a specific length of time and it is placed on the user’s computer, memorizing their preferences and interests in order to offer them an optimized surfing experience.

No matter their life spam, the user can delete all cookies with the help of the browser’s options.

It is good to know that a cookie is completely passive. It doesn’t contained viruses, software programs, cannot access the user’s data or ask for personal information..

Third party cookies

Standard third party cookies memorize the user’s preferences and are often used to personalize online advertising. Usually they may come up from Google or Facebook.

How we use cookies on this website

Depending on their purpose, on this website we use the following types of cookies:

  • For analyzing the users:  this type of cookie monitors the number of unique visitors and how often do they use our website, how long does the navigation session lasts and what pages they are interested in.  It is important to know that thru these cookies we cannot identify individuals if they don’t register with user name and / or e-mail.
  • For registration: this type of cookie lets us know if you are registered or not on the website.
  • For advertising: it is used to better target online advertising. We know if an ad was visualized but it does not offer information about the users identity.

Security and confidentiality

It is important to know that cookies are not viruses; they do not contained pieces of code. They can be used as a form of spyware, because they memorize information about the user’s preferences. This is why a lot of anti-spyware products mark them for erasing during anti-virus and anti-spyware sessions.

How to browse the internet with no worries 

If you are the only user of the computer, you can set longer expiration dates for stocking personal information and browsing history.

If you share the computer you can erase your individual information when you close the browser.

Set the browser in a way that you are comfortable with the personalizing level of the cookies.

Install anti-spyware applications.

Update your browser to the newest version.

How to stop cookies

It is good to know that disabling cookies will not result in the absence of online advertising but it could make certain websites difficult to navigate.

A modern browser gives the navigator the possibility to change the cookies settings at a level that he feels comfortable with.

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