For a better world

We are a recently founded non-profit and we have big ideals. We wish to leave as our legacy a cleaner place and a more united community, more aware of the impact that they have where they form and grow.

Our activity is settled on three paths: developing a green habitat, based on renewable energy, promoting renewable energy sources and educate the communities on saving resources and improving the environment where they live.

We strongly believe that each of us is responsible of the place we live in and because of that, protecting the environment starts with our own actions.  We also believe in cooperation and a good understanding between the civil society, companies, corporations and NGOs so we can all be the beneficiaries of a greener and cleaner future.

We think it is not too late to become responsible for the environment and for the community we live in but in the same time we need to take the necessary actions to stop the degradation of our planet.

We guide our activities believing that „we didn’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, but we borrowed it from our children” .